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Many relationship issues can bring clients through the door but most often they included communication problems, sexual issues, navigating consensual non-monogamy, deepening sexual fulfillment and exploring fantasies, recovering from affairs and infidelity, and co-parenting issues. When working with relationships, we give our clients exercises to practice at home between sessions to reinforce the therapeutic work completed in session.

Our focus in relationship counseling is on improving communication and problem-solving skills, understanding relationship patterns, increasing empathy and emotional engagement towards one another, which, in turn, improves the sense of connection between partners.

This work can feel more focused and results-oriented than individual therapy may seem at times. We work with many same sex couples, as well as relationships in which one or more partner is transgender.

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How do we Start?

If you are receiving counseling services for relationship issues.  You will be asked to complete the attachment style questionnaire at the following link and bring the results to your session for review.  

Relationships don't have to require hard work.  We can teach you how to fight fair, increase intimacy, and strengthen positive connections.  

We will meet for the first session together with all of us in the room.  After that meeting, if your therapist thinks they can be helpful, they will invite you to continue to the second part of the assessment. You two may want to go home and discuss together whether you want to continue. Part two consists of you each filling out some paperwork and meeting with your therapist individually. After those meetings, you will have a fourth session in which you will discuss treatment goals.

To summarize, getting started entails a thorough assessment, as a team and individually. After this assessment, couples will mostly meet all together as they move forward. Infrequently, your therapist may feel that an individual check-in will help move the work along, but if so, they will for a specific purpose and usually only if you are working together longer term.

What brings people to Relationship Counseling?

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