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Benefits of Concierge Counseling

As a Concierge & VIP Counseling, Concierge client you will be able to consult with your counselor by telephone, even if you don ’t have an appointment.  If your counselor is in session when you call, you can expect him/her to call you back as soon as he/she is available (even during evening and weekend hours).  

As a Concierge & VIP Counseling Concierge Client you will be able to engage in therapeutic sessions via HIPAA protected online video counseling platform for your convenience. 

As a Concierge & VIP Counseling, Concierge client you are provided with the email address of your counselor who will respond to your emails within 24 hours or less.  Also, your counselor at Concierge & VIP Counseling receive emails by both computer and smart phone, email response is often very prompt.

A therapist’s schedule can easily become very full, especially during popular time slots.  For clients with busy schedules themselves, it can become a struggle just to find a time that works.  At Concierge & VIP Counseling, Concierge clients benefit from our extended hours of operations and weekend appointments.  Concierge Clients also enjoy priority appointment scheduling in peak hours (7:30a.m. to 9:00a.m. and 4:00p.m. to 6:00p.m.)

As a Concierge client, if you are experiencing an immediate need to be seen by your therapist, your therapist will find a same-day or next-day appointment time for you (Concierge & VIP Counseling, also offers weekend appointments).

If you have been in counseling, you know that discussions do not always fit within the customary 45-minute session time. We hate to watch the clock as much as you do! At Concierge & VIP Counseling, your therapist will provide occasional grace time during sessions for members when extra time is needed to finish a discussion.

At Concierge & VIP Counseling, we do everything we can to make your experience a positive one.   In addition, we begin 90 percent of sessions within 5 minutes of the scheduled time, so our clients don’t spend unnecessary time waiting in our “waiting rooms.”

Since your therapist can come to your home or private location of your choice (by request) it eliminates travel to and from office visits, therapy is provided in familiar surroundings which often enhances the therapeutic process.  A more "private" setting can provide additional peace of mind. 

Most importantly, we know you will love the quality of care that Concierge & VIP Counseling provides.  We always utilize our client interactions and feedback to improve and provide extraordinary care. We welcome your comments and feedback!

Please contact the office for fee schedule. 

The Concierge client membership option is limited to 5 clients per month, in order to offer the best possible service. 

To become a part of this exclusive club, call our office today at 904-413-1379 or email

Private and Relaxing Environment

Priority Email Reply 

Providing Confidential Counseling Experiences with Individualized Attention in the treatment setting that best meets our client's needs.

Same-Day Service 

Extended Hours 

Imagine at anytime, anywhere, a trusted professional could be reached when you had an unexpected problem or crisis; when a situation arose that demanded your immediate attention or required you to make an important decision immediately; when you have the need for immediate interventions for behavioral problems at home; or simply because you needed to get something off your chest.  

Imagine this person knows your strengths and weaknesses, your beliefs and principles, rituals and practices, identity and community, and has truly only your best interests and deepest concerns at heart. 

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Therapist Access by Online Video Therapy

Therapist Access by Telephone

If your status, lifestyle, or employment do not allow you to seek out traditional services in a crowded therapy office, Concierge Counseling is for you.  We provide VIP concierge counseling to the most elite members of society.  No busy waiting room and no insurance records means no concerns about your privacy being violated.  Concierge Counseling at its best, we provide on-call, in-home and mobile therapy allowing you to remain in the comfort of your own home while working on your personal goals. 

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