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What is Distance Therapy?

Online therapy is becoming an increasingly popular way for adults and adolescents to get treatment for addiction, grief, school difficulties, workplace conflict, grief, eating disorders and a wide range of mental health disorders. Online therapy may not be appropriate for individuals with serious psychiatric illnesses or complex dual disorders that require intensive, multidisciplinary treatment.


E-Therapy or Distance counseling can be done in the security of your own home.  Sessions are completed over a HIPAA compliant secure connection for your confidentiality.    Always make sure your therapist utilizes a HIPAA compliant connection to comply with Federal and State laws and to maintain your confidentiality.  Skype is not secure!!  E-therapy allows for more flexibility in scheduling your appointments, better access to specialists, and better treatment options for certain phobias.  E-Therapy is covered by some insurance companies as a regular outpatient visit.  Book your next session online today!  

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Conditions Appropriate for E-Therapy

Distance Therapy

Benefits of E-Therapy

We offer alternatives to the traditional face to face in office treatment setting.   These alternatives are referred to as distance counseling or E-Therapy. 

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Online therapy is a convenient way to receive treatment for addictions, grief, workplace issues, eating disorders and other conditions. Some of the benefits of online therapy include:

  • Access to high-quality treatment for people in remote areas or who are disabled
  • Convenient and private
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable way to discuss mental health concerns