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Trauma Informed Care

Some resilient children are capable of surviving trauma and monumental life changes, and others need help. Trauma-informed therapy acknowledges the impact that trauma has on children and focuses on specific ways to help traumatic memories and experiences become tolerable. At Concierge & VIP Counseling we recognizes that the effect of trauma depends on the frequency and duration of the trauma and the age of the child and stage of brain development when the trauma occurred. Thus, trauma-informed therapeutic interventions depend on the developmental stage of the child. 

Behavior Management

Behavior modification focuses on the specific behaviors that are of concern to your family. The source of the behaviors is seen as less relevant than the stimuli that maintain the behavior—that is, the rewards and punishments that keep the behaviors occurring in the present. Parents are trained to avoid inadvertently rewarding undesirable behavior and to reward appropriate behavior.  Effective methods of discipline are taught. If your child is experiencing extreme emotional reactions, your therapist will provide training in emotional regulation along with education about the events that probably instigated these reactions so that your child can understand his/her reactions and realize that he or she is not weird or crazy. 

What is Behavior Modification?

Behavior Management Resources

Learn how to elicit desired behaviors from your children through behavior behavior modification with our therapists.